83: Iron Eagle

July 21, 2017

This week Ben, Jacob, and Dusty take to the 80's skies in a film that takes flying as seriously as it takes music. See Louis Gossett JR. Mr. Miyagi a youthful pilot into being a one man killing machine. With each others help they level an entire country with ONE JET! This film is a bit thin so we ended up talking about more important things like the Dirty Dancing ABC remake and Logan, because its always about Logan. Fire up your walkman, its IRON EAGLE!!!


82: Judge Dredd

July 14, 2017

Since the show has been feeling the heavy after effects of the Resident Evil series the guys just decide to take a little break with an old summer blockdud. This movie is kind of a forgotten anomaly and also kind of a special effects triumph that no one really mentions these days. Well were bringing it back. See the parallells between fiction and reality, about halfway through this episode we take a detour into a conversation about a certain directors alleged illegal activitities and the illuminati only to circle back around to where it all began, just like in the movie. Join Ben, Jacob, and Dusty as they discuss Stallones baby blue eyes and crazy accent, and of course.... the law. Its JUDGE DREDD!!!


81: Son Of The Mask

July 7, 2017

As Ben and Dusty closed in on Jacob with another revenge movie Jacob held aloft a mighty dvd. A film so bad that it has been all but forgotten in the little over a decade since its release. But we remember.... we have to remember. We do this not for glory, but for you....(sigh).....    SO! We had an amazing conversation based around this one! A conversation that one may say goes a bit too far BUT its all in good fun. Right? Jacob had a few laughs, hell Ben even laughed once. But be warned, this movie is bad people, real bad! So this week on Refund Theater, Jamie Kennedy tries to earn his hefty ($250,000,000) paycheck by playing a lousy jobless loser and hapless father to the SON OF THE MASK!!!


80: Starship Troopers

June 30, 2017

As Ben and Dusty prepared to continue their revenge on Jacob with another artsy gem our good friend Andy Gray comissioned a special episode! His request is a little bit unconventional since it is actually a very good movie but Jacob was happy to oblige of course. We take a look at a movie made in a year that didnt deserve the caliber of effects we get here. A movie that we felt is even more relevant now than ever. The guys had no problem talking about everything this movie has to offer. Get ready to crush some bugs and learn about love in the vaccuum of space! Its STARSHIP TROOPERS!!!


79: The Holy Mountain

June 23, 2017

When Ben takes a week off from the show to cruise around the globe he leaves Jacob and Dusty a package. A package that represents the first of six "revenge" episodes for Jacob forcing us to watch all six Resident Evil movies. This film is Bens pick and he sure picked one that got Jacobs feathers ruffled, you will hear him whine more in one episode than Ben or Dusty did for the entire RE-A_Thon on this weeks special episode of Refund Theater. Its THE HOLY MOUNTAIN!!!


78: Wonder Woman

June 16, 2017

When the Refund Theater boys took a commisioned road trip to the local multiplex to see the newest DCU film entry they didnt realize they would find so much more! They came to realize that love conquers all and girl power is still alive and well! They saw a film that was impervious to the annoying movie theater kids and parents and surround sound mouth breathing. They witnessed the glory, and now you can hear the spoils, the best damn WW podcast you will ever hear, whether we know what were talking about or not. This will begin to set things right... its WONDER WOMAN!!!


77: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

June 9, 2017

Its time... We have come a long way since the first Resident Evil movie podcast and now we have arrived at the end. We bid farewell to Alice and her band of cannon fodder with this... the final chapter. So get ready to hear Ben and Dustys reactions to this film and the franchise as a whole, (spoilers: they hate it). Hear Jacob cackle with glee at the idea that he has forced this entire series upon his childhood chums. Prepare for Religion, Cloning, Quick Cuts, Fighting, Lunchmeat Dogs, Milla Jovovich, Alice, Alice, and Alice! Its RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER!!!


76: Batman & Robin

June 2, 2017

Well guys Dusty and Ben were ready to tear off the band-aid and finish the Resident Evil series once and for all but our top donor Justin Peel had other plans! So the time has come for us to review a movie we have always thought would be a good episode but avoided because it would be almost like picking on a crippled kid. But Justin donated so let the picking begin! This movie is a turd, and a perfect example of Hollywood taking its liberties too far with our beloved comic book franchises. Join us as we watch George Clooneys head bob, Scwharzenegger punning it up, Chris O'Donnell bitching and whining, and Uma and Alicia trying and failing to be hot stuff. You get the point. Youve seen the movie, now listen to the Podcast! Its BATMAN & ROBIN!!!


75: Resident Evil Retribution

May 27, 2017

Well guys here we are on the 5th(!) installment of Jacobs beloved Resident Evil franchise and Dusty and Ben are at the breaking (or sleeping) point! In this episode you will hear their spirits crumble as Alice takes us on her zaniest adventure yet through a danger room -esque Umbrella facility! Listen as the guys try to make sense of a story that makes no sense..... Try to find reason in a tale that has no reason....... And try to stay awake with no meth to help them. Its RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION!!! 


74: Resident Evil Afterlife

May 19, 2017

After having a decent time with last weeks Resident Evil movie Ben and Dusty were optimistic for this weeks chapter! They were quickly knocked right off of that high horse with a triple side flip kick to the cranium administered by one of many Alice clones. This movie is ridiculous in the most ridiculous ways possible and has to be seen to be believed! Jacob is having a great time torturing the boys but is also suffering from fatigue, though he has a strange affection for these films that keeps him coming back like a beaten human trafficked housewife. So get ready for perfect makeup, giant unexplained monsters, and more of those loveable luchmeat dogs this time all in glorious 3D! Its RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE!!!