138: The Predator

February 23, 2019

Hey everybody were back, and we found Ben! Jacob has been holding this particular film in the chamber until we could all be reunited. Never before in the history of this podcast have we encountered a movie so confusing, and we've seen them all! This franchise has sure seen its share of ups and downs but this is the pits. So get ready to grow an exoskeleton under your skin and join us for the dumbest wide release film of 2018..... its THE PREDATOR!!!


137: Surf Ninjas

February 9, 2019

Moto Surf! Kwan Tsu dudes we are back with another bodacious episode! TMNT 2 got us in the mood for more Ernie Reyes Jr. and apparently New Line Cinema had the same idea! Well it turns out they made a really fun movie that Jacob, Juice, and Dusty had a great time revisiting. So get your Sega Game Gear out and get ready to see into your future, its SURF NINJAS!!!


136: Bumblebee/The Transformers The Movie

January 19, 2019

Hey guys, time to get serious here. No stop looking at those shiny robots turning into cars and stuff and pay attention. This is a story about Charlie, her dad died and she doesn't got the touch anymore. She really wants a car, her dad loved cars. She finds a car that turns into a robot.... dad still dead. Oh yeah and some robots fight....... But hey! We also watched one of our favorite animated films from our childhood and had the time of our lives until.... you know..... dead dad. So listen to our sullen words.... for we won't be easy on BUMBLEBEE, but we will always love THE TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE!!!


Refund Reviews: The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Youtube Preview)

January 9, 2019

Welcome to the first Refund Review Youtube video! I was so inspired by the Scream Factory release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Next Generation that I just couldn't help but rave about the long rumored directors cut! Get ready for a whole series of reviews in this format coming from Refund Theater exclusively on youtube! Head over to youtube.com and search Refund Theater! Like and subscribe so you don't miss a thing!


135: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze

January 5, 2019

After taking a stinky field trip to see a fish man last week we decided we needed a break. We needed to watch something good, something that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. So Jacob gathered up his two best turtle buddies Dusty and Juice to celebrate one of the top films of their childhood. We gabbed on for over two hours and could have gone longer, in doing so we do believe we have discovered what the title is implying. Its been a while since we had so much fun! Find out as we uncover the mysteries of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE!!!


134: Aquaman

December 28, 2018

They had one job. DC had one job after Justice League and Suicide Squad all but killed their cinematic universe, to make a good movie. Well.... they made a movie. They made a long movie. They made a silly movie. They made a damned origin movie. Gah. You may have enjoyed it but our hosts did not, not enough to keep their DC hope afloat. Im getting bored even writing this, its AQUAMAN!!!


133: Venom

December 21, 2018

When given the opportunity to check out the latest comic book blockbuster what are we to do?! Well here at Refund Theater we dive in headfirst. On this occasion we are met with a mixed bag of a movie that reminded us a bit too much of another Todd Mcfarlane character based film adaptation. And that one didn't turn out so great, but hey at least the effects are better this time around. So come on over and listen to Dusty sigh with happiness as he hears Eminems title track blasting out of Jacobs surround speakers! Its wild, its edgy, it has nothing to do with Spider Man! Its VENOM!!!


132: Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

December 16, 2018

In a time of mega budget superhero franchises its hard to remember there was a simpler time, with simpler franchises. A time when a small budget comedy could spawn multiple sequel babies. They don't have to be great, they just have to..... be. It was in this time that a franchise was born that transcends fashion, humor, wit, and taste. You may have never seen one of these films but you know the name. A name that evokes a childlike glee in men like Justin Peel. Who paid us to watch what may be the worst in this delightfully aimless series. This is POLICE ACADEMY 5: ASSIGNMENT MIAMI BEACH!!!


131: Battlefield Earth

December 3, 2018

Jacobs brother Andrew is back in town and we had to find some real crap to sling some words at. Well here it is, the crappiest of the crap. The crew de la crap. The most craptastic crappy movie since the first crappy movie was crapped into the world! And guess what!? It sucks! Thats right, John Travoltas self proclaimed Star Wars killing scientology movie sucks! Can you believe it!?! Anyway, lets get on with this crap. Its BATTLEFIELD EARTH!!!


130: Mandy

November 24, 2018

We have never in the history of Refund Theater been swarmed with so many requests to review a movie so soon after its release. This movie took the world by storm and apparently everyone and their grandma wanted to know what we thought of it. Well..... we loved it! How could you not love a movie with such pure intentions? It would be neglectful to say the least. Seems like we've got one more Halloween 'sode left in the chamber. So strap in and get ready for the best darn conversation Jacob, Dusty, and Ben have had in quite a while. Its wild, its wacky, its MANDY!!!