89: IT (2017)

October 6, 2017

Its October again and you know what that means! Its a whole month of haunts which we kick off with the surprise horror hit of the year! Join us as we discuss all things It, from the book to the miniseries and beyond. Listen to the guys ponder the mysteries (kid sex) of this classic clown epic. We also cap off the episode with our thoughts on othe King film adaptations so its a good discussion all around. So get ready to float on down to the podcast sewers where we discuss IT!!!


88: Hunt For The Wilderpeople

September 30, 2017

After almost a year of Dusty twisting Ben and Jacobs arms to watch this weeks selection they finally caved, and had a great time! This is less of a Refund Theater and more like a glowing review of a delightful little film by a very talented filmmaker! This movie is full of charm and wit. We had a great time and cant wait to tell you about it! So get ready to join Sam Neill in his finest role since that dinosaur movie from the nineties! Its HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE!!!


87: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

September 24, 2017

Here we are kick off a string of new episodes with the uber hated sequel to the reboot nobody asked for. Jacob holds this movie near and dear to his heart which makes for a pretty interesting conversation since Ben and Dusty despise it so much. So get ready true believers, its time for Refund Theater to rip THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 a new one!


86: Power Rangers (2017) Commentary

September 1, 2017

Well guys Ben took an episode off so Dusty and Jacob decided to test the waters on our very first audio commentary!!! And it wasnt hard to find a movie that deserved a good feature length roasting! This is a strange and wrong feeling movie, something is off from five minutes in (when a cow gets jerked off by a teenager). To fully enjoy this commentary find a copy of this movie then just follow our instructions to line it up and watch it with us! Its just bad enough to be bad but also just good enough to be good. Does that make sense? No? Then you havent seen POWER RANGERS!!!


85: Terminator Salvation

August 18, 2017

As a huge thank you for giving us another week to rest we grant you this mega packed episode of Refund Theater! This is another commisioned episode from our bro Justin Peel, we happily obliged seeing as we have been meaning to revisit and rip this film a new one but never get around to it. This movie is a real wet blanket and the first of two failures in the franchise that tried to revive the brand with fresh trilogies. The reason it failed is simple and complicated at the same time, we go deep into both. Also, joining us is special guest Dick Mccormick! You may have heard Dusty talk about this guy in past episodes and we have him in house! Also just so you know during the beginning half hour of the episode we go into a long conversation about Alien Covenant, if you want to avoid spoilers for that film you can skip to 28 min 45 sec in the episode. So hop in a time machine and get ready to go on a boring and shallow journey that ultimately amounts to nothing! Its TERMINATOR SALVATION!!!


84: Kuso

August 4, 2017

After a much needed week off we are back with our most outrageous episode ever. Seriously this is not for the faint of heart, even if you normally are not offended by our humble podcast beware of this one. This film is one of a kind. Its vile, thought provoking, and extremely controversial. So yeah, if this warning hasnt scared you away push play, just make sure you arent eating. Its KUSO!!!


83: Iron Eagle

July 21, 2017

This week Ben, Jacob, and Dusty take to the 80's skies in a film that takes flying as seriously as it takes music. See Louis Gossett JR. Mr. Miyagi a youthful pilot into being a one man killing machine. With each others help they level an entire country with ONE JET! This film is a bit thin so we ended up talking about more important things like the Dirty Dancing ABC remake and Logan, because its always about Logan. Fire up your walkman, its IRON EAGLE!!!


82: Judge Dredd

July 14, 2017

Since the show has been feeling the heavy after effects of the Resident Evil series the guys just decide to take a little break with an old summer blockdud. This movie is kind of a forgotten anomaly and also kind of a special effects triumph that no one really mentions these days. Well were bringing it back. See the parallells between fiction and reality, about halfway through this episode we take a detour into a conversation about a certain directors alleged illegal activitities and the illuminati only to circle back around to where it all began, just like in the movie. Join Ben, Jacob, and Dusty as they discuss Stallones baby blue eyes and crazy accent, and of course.... the law. Its JUDGE DREDD!!!


81: Son Of The Mask

July 7, 2017

As Ben and Dusty closed in on Jacob with another revenge movie Jacob held aloft a mighty dvd. A film so bad that it has been all but forgotten in the little over a decade since its release. But we remember.... we have to remember. We do this not for glory, but for you....(sigh).....    SO! We had an amazing conversation based around this one! A conversation that one may say goes a bit too far BUT its all in good fun. Right? Jacob had a few laughs, hell Ben even laughed once. But be warned, this movie is bad people, real bad! So this week on Refund Theater, Jamie Kennedy tries to earn his hefty ($250,000,000) paycheck by playing a lousy jobless loser and hapless father to the SON OF THE MASK!!!


80: Starship Troopers

June 30, 2017

As Ben and Dusty prepared to continue their revenge on Jacob with another artsy gem our good friend Andy Gray comissioned a special episode! His request is a little bit unconventional since it is actually a very good movie but Jacob was happy to oblige of course. We take a look at a movie made in a year that didnt deserve the caliber of effects we get here. A movie that we felt is even more relevant now than ever. The guys had no problem talking about everything this movie has to offer. Get ready to crush some bugs and learn about love in the vaccuum of space! Its STARSHIP TROOPERS!!!