75: Resident Evil Retribution

May 27, 2017

Well guys here we are on the 5th(!) installment of Jacobs beloved Resident Evil franchise and Dusty and Ben are at the breaking (or sleeping) point! In this episode you will hear their spirits crumble as Alice takes us on her zaniest adventure yet through a danger room -esque Umbrella facility! Listen as the guys try to make sense of a story that makes no sense..... Try to find reason in a tale that has no reason....... And try to stay awake with no meth to help them. Its RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION!!! 


74: Resident Evil Afterlife

May 19, 2017

After having a decent time with last weeks Resident Evil movie Ben and Dusty were optimistic for this weeks chapter! They were quickly knocked right off of that high horse with a triple side flip kick to the cranium administered by one of many Alice clones. This movie is ridiculous in the most ridiculous ways possible and has to be seen to be believed! Jacob is having a great time torturing the boys but is also suffering from fatigue, though he has a strange affection for these films that keeps him coming back like a beaten human trafficked housewife. So get ready for perfect makeup, giant unexplained monsters, and more of those loveable luchmeat dogs this time all in glorious 3D! Its RESIDENT EVIL AFTERLIFE!!!


73: Resident Evil Extinction

May 12, 2017

Well guys, were halfway there and already showing signs of fatigue. When we originally started this marathon we thought it would be funny to watch all of these soul dulling movies in a row but man, its getting pretty rough. This weeks chapter takes the story into the desert of Nevada, where Alice is Mad Maxing about trying to avoid the evil Umbrella corporation. Of course they find her and boredom ensues. More lunchmeat dogs, more zombies, more Mike Epps. So join Jacob, Ben, and Dusty as we try to keep our eyes open long enough to talk about what weve seen. Its RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION!!!


72: Resident Evil Apocalypse

May 5, 2017

Well after a couple of Patreon fueled diversions we are back on track with the second in a series of torturous episodes for fair Ben and the loveable Dusty. Jacob has decreed that we watch every film in this franchise and as this episode proves, he means business. So pull up a couch and grab yourself a pillow for one of the most boring action movies ever to grace the silver screen. Where hordes of zombies, lunchmeat dogs, and a giant Nemesis monster are no match for the nap you will be dying to take halfway through RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE!!!


71: The Return of Swamp Thing

April 28, 2017

"Hey Omie!" "Yeah?" "You got that new episode of Refund Theater?" "Yeah man, but whats the password?" "Password what do you mean password let me hear it!" We were about to finally do Resident Evil 2 but once again we were foiled by faithful listener and Patron Justin Peele! But this time he gave us the perfect birthday present for Ben, a movie we actually wanted to watch! We had a blast with this one and it shows! Join us as we have a great conversation about one of the zaniest comic book movies ever put on celluloid! Ben, Jacob, and Dusty give you a little bit of that side dick with THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING!!!


70: X-Men Origins Wolverine

April 21, 2017

As Jacob was frothing at the mouth to continue to torture Ben and Dusty with his Resident Evil-A-Thon our dear friend Andy Gray had a different plan. He took advantage of the Patreon "Choose your own episode" option and stopped us dead in our tracks. The movie he requested is the absolute worst of the X-Men series, so much so that it has been completely ignored and retconned. Join us as we sit through this boring abortion of a super hero film and discuss why it deserves absolutely no praise. Its total crap, its X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE!!!


69: Resident Evil

April 14, 2017

It has begun! Ben is quaking in his boots at the terror Jacob has proposed! A mandatory screening of every single Resident Evil film! REfund Theater has never done an entire series before, and this one is perfect. These movies are so bad Ben and Dusty are going to wish they had their memories erased just like Alice. We begin with the tame for R rated first film, a film that mainly consists of our heroes moving froom room to room while aiming their guns and whispering exposition. They will encounter bad CG creatures, bad CG zombies, and meat covered dobermans! Its the beginning of the RE-A-THON so get ready! As an added bonus we are having a donation drive that will be explained in the episode that could bring a special kind of chaos to the next few weeks. So pop in a memory card and push play, get ready for RESIDENT EVIL!!!


68: Face/Off

April 7, 2017

On this episode the guys welcome back guest Andrew Idell for him to settle a longstanding feud with an old friend on whether or not this weeks film is worthy of praise! Dusty, Jacob, and Ben are watching this gem for the first time since the nineties and all have positive memories of this face swapping yarn but quickly turn after a fresh watch. A film so ridiculous that Andrew says it should be retitled "Doves N Jesus". So get ready to suck our tongues after we gently rub our hands down your face because Refund Theater is taking its FACE/OFF!!!


67: Swamp Thing

March 31, 2017

After slogging through the dregs of a month of video game adaptations Jacob, Ben, and Dusty decided to go for a walk through the swamp and were pleasantly surprised! Not only did this movie deliver as a pretty solid early 80s action movie, it was also pretty funny as well! So get ready to head to the bayou with our guys as they yak about Wes Cravens SWAMP THING!!!


66: Double Dragon

March 24, 2017

For the fourth and final episode of our video game month we dig deep into a movie that in Jacobs opinion should not exist, but Dusty and Ben disagree! In between Jacob vomiting in the corner the guys praise every goofy aspect of this awful film. So put some trash in your (not) Mr. Fusion, put your dragon medallions together, and get brushed up on your General Hospital and Who's the Boss references because you're going to listen to Bens revenge on Jacob for making him watch Jack and Jill. Its DOUBLE DRAGON!!!