109: Pass Thru

April 7, 2018

Well guys here it is. Weve been threatening to do another Neil Breen "film" for a while now and Randall from the DWTK podcast and his friend Tracy have made it happen. We thought Fateful Findings was a mess but a charming one, this "film" takes a step back into pure insane ineptitude. This is not even a movie, this is the inner workings of an insane mind hellbent on the destruction of the human race. We thought Breen was a Tommy Wissaeu type of charming the last time but we now know this is a dangerous man capable of creating what perhaps the most perplexing home movie of all time. So get ready to go down the path of madness with us as we dive headfirst back into the mind of Neil Breen and hope to come out clean on the other side of PASS THRU!!!


108: Killing American Style

March 25, 2018

Well hello again! Welcome back! What? Last weeks depraved crappy movie didnt chase you away? Well good because have we got a treat for you. If you enjoyed our Samurai Cop episode this turns out to be by the same director! What does that mean?! Well it means smut, thats what it means. This film is pure smut. So watch it! Then get your earbuds on and hear us joke about all of the terrible smut you just witnessed. Its KILLING AMERICAN STYLE!!!


107: Geteven

March 16, 2018

Well guys we hate to sound like a Staind song but its been a while since weve done a movie of this caliber. Also known as Road To Revenge this film finds us once again talking about a rich "auteur" that wants to make a movie where he is the hero. Trouble is, like so many times before they dont quite know how movies are made. And we reap all the benefits! This one is hilarious, do your best to track it down but if you cant just push play and hear us explain to you how to properly GETEVEN!!!



106: Hellraiser Judgement (Commentary)

March 10, 2018

After Jacob became fascinated by the first 15 minutes of this 10th entry in a franchise that should have died in the nineties he lit the Refund signal and the guys reluctanly came. But what they were met with was a movie that demands we take it seriously, so much so that Ben almost died in the first fifteen minutes of this podcast. After Ben survived the other side we pushed play commentary style so you can watch the movie with us! So grab a copy and get ready to get audited, assessed, then judged with HELLRAISER JUDGEMENT!!!


105: The Cloverfield Paradox

March 3, 2018

Didnt see this episode coming did you!? We were just as surprised as you when this movie was released and since we all watched it we decided to discuss it! After the masterwork that is 10 Cloverfield Lane lets say our expectations were high, and no they did not deliver. But they did deliver an interesting enough sci-fi space corridor movie with some brains to boot. But dimensional rifts are no match for our movie loving minds, weve seen enough Rick and Morty to know what to expect here. So strap into your god particle machine and get ready to lose a limb or something. Its THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX!!!


104: Bright

February 23, 2018

Hey guys! Here we are again with another new movie, this one fresh off the Netflix printing press! This film came out of nowhere resembling Alien Nation and District 9 but also with the promise of the director of Suicide Squad bringing us hardcore fantasy action! Uh-oh right? How did he do? Not too bad actually. So join us as we discuss Will Smiths character being a major A-Hole to a really nice Orc that just wants to fit in to a world that doesnt want him whilst fighting for a magic wand that can zzzzzzzzzzzzz............. Huh!? Wha?! Its BRIGHT!!! 


103: Black Panther

February 19, 2018

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled programming to bring you a very special episode of Refund Theater! We are finally joined by the one and only Juice Kirts of The Exes We Owe for a very topical conversation about a very topical Marvel film. Spoilers galore here in RT land if you didnt already know, we dig deep on this flick. So see the movie then join us as we go round table on all sorts of topics that are inspired by the absolutely gorgeous BLACK PANTHER!!!


102: Frogs

February 18, 2018

On this episode we decided to go to the trusty old dvd pile that weve been building up. Dustys wife randomly picked this curiosity that somehow made its way into Jacobs collection and we are so glad for it! What if we told you that this film could be the inspiration for the very foundation of Hollywood as we know it? Would you believe us? A movie so far ahead of its time that it even very likely inspired 2017s Oscar nominated Get Out. If you havent seen this movie, find it, watch it, you will learn from it. Its creepy. Its crawly. Its socially aware. Its.... FROGS!!!


Concession Stand Mini Episode 02/14/18-Neil Breen and Bens Pledge

February 14, 2018

Hey guys! Happy Valentines Day! We love you so much you get to hear this quick pre-show conversation that we had about how Neil Breen charges way too much for his movies. Also, Ben is going to attempt to quit smoking! Hear his pledge right here on REFUND THEATER!!!


101: Valerian

February 10, 2018

This week we watch a movie that we all kind of liked, though Dusty and Ben have a big problem with the casting of the leads. Jacob disagrees. But all around we agreed that this movie is a wonder to look at and kind of fun. This is a pretty lean episode with no bells and whistles but hefty on the gut laughs. Join us as we discuss current events, politics, Jennifer Lawrences b-hole, and VALERIAN!!!