76: Batman & Robin

June 2, 2017

Well guys Dusty and Ben were ready to tear off the band-aid and finish the Resident Evil series once and for all but our top donor Justin Peel had other plans! So the time has come for us to review a movie we have always thought would be a good episode but avoided because it would be almost like picking on a crippled kid. But Justin donated so let the picking begin! This movie is a turd, and a perfect example of Hollywood taking its liberties too far with our beloved comic book franchises. Join us as we watch George Clooneys head bob, Scwharzenegger punning it up, Chris O'Donnell bitching and whining, and Uma and Alicia trying and failing to be hot stuff. You get the point. Youve seen the movie, now listen to the Podcast! Its BATMAN & ROBIN!!!


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