62: Jaws The Revenge

March 1, 2017

Jacob takes Ben on a stroll down memory lane for the fourth film in a franchise he holds very dear to his heart. A twisted tale of revenge by a fish who was wronged by a family of human do gooders and vows to kill any of them as soon as they go into the ocean. This movie is ridiculous and everybody knows it but we dig deeper into it than anyone else ever has. Discover its deep story roots in the voodoo side plot that was for some reason cut from the movie, also discover some tragic news about one of the films stars. And as a special bonus Jacob gets his friend and fellow Jaws fanatic Adam Rupert Fisher (FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES, ORBS, ALL HUMAN) on the line to discuss his feelings on this cinematic failure. Its all here this week on Refund Theater! Join us for JAWS THE REVENGE!!!


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